What is AES?

We started working on the development of Al-Ilm Education System (AES) in 2012.AES isn’t merely a school but a real compact system as given in the diagram below.Schooling is just one component of it, our target is far beyond this point.


From vision we mean where we are going in the long-term. In other words, what is our final destination in the long term? Here we shall restrict ourselves to limited spectrum of ideas. AES’s vision is
     “Renaissance of Ummah by Strengthening bonds between The Creator and The Creatures through excellence in quality education”; by providing opportunities to individual to become a true Muslim in blood and soul.


Mission shows our purpose and reason for existing. What is our organization and what it is doing?
    In producing a patriot, responsible and loyal personality of Islam and Pakistan, Our mission is to provide a child all the required mainstream subjects with the well blending of Islamic knowledge and Tarbiyyah (practice) to enlighten the future of individual in Global perspective. We focus on the holistic development of Muslim child (academic, physical, moral etc)
    I.e. an individual should be
• A true believer in the Holy Quran, a practicing one in Sunnah way.
• Choosing Islam as his lifestyle wholeheartedly anywhere, anytime, in any field of life.
• A highly qualified professional in the field of his/ her choice but having strong moral character.

What is our system composed of:

1. SOP for Rules, policiesand Procedures
2. Selected Curriculum
3. Website
4. Students’ info system Software
5. SOS for security
6. SMS alerts for parents
7. Administration
8. Training facilities (Indoor/ Outdoor) for staff and students
9. Annual calendar of Activities
10. Term wise Exam system
11. Evaluation system for performance and quality control
12. Records management system
13. Arabic language/ Quran academy
14. Thematic teaching
15. Copies/ summer packs
16. Basic health and safety arrangements

Hierarchy of our Management setup (AES):

Along with the permanent members, honorary teams are formed to look after the specified domains. For example, Working committee, advisory committee etc