Message from the Managing Director, AL-ILM Education System

By the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT), we have launched a brand new school under the umbrella of Al-Ilm Education system (AES).

AES has a vision of empowering the youth of our nation in various fields of science, Arts, Social & Technical education, along with their Character & Moral development in the light of Islamic Teachings. We want to contribute towards the renaissance of Ummah by imparting the true Islamic knowledge and required Modern Education.

As a foundation stone we have launched a School named “AL-ILM ACADEMIA”. The name itself is crafted to indicate & inspire the Muslim world.

It come from two words, “AL-ILM” that is an Arabic word used in abroad spectrum of knowledge fields and “Academia” is taken from a Spanish word that translates as Academy. A careful selection of both the words leads us to the historical fact that Muslims in Arabia brought a revolution in the strength of character and reformation of society to show the way forward and the Muslim reign in Spain lead the world forward in innovation, research and development.

We want to give your child a great chance to groom under the rich culture and Heritage of Muslim Ummah.

We want you to join hands with us in providing your child a sound education and Tarbiyyat for Seerat building.

Jazak Allah Khair

Managing Director,

Al-ILM Education System.

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