Our Vision, Mission, Motto & Goals

Lets’ have a look at our parameters:


We want Renaissance of Ummahby “Strengthening bonds between The Creator and The Creatures through Education”, by providing opportunities to an individual to become a true Muslim in blood and soul.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate a child in all the required mainstream subjects with a well blending of Islamic Knowledge and Tarbiyyah (practice) to enlighten the future of an individual in Global perspective i.e. an individual should be

  • A true believer in the Holy Quran, and following the Sunnah.
  • A highly qualified professional in the field of his choice but having strong moral character.
  • Choosing Islam as his lifestyle wholeheartedly anywhere, anytime, in any field.

Our Motto is

To provide a comprehensive Education in its true sense i.e.
سیرت سازی و علمی امتیاز ساتھ ساتھ
Seerat building and Academic excellence simultaneously

Our Goals

We have classified our Goals into Three stages mentioned as under:

  1. In short term (coming 2- 3 years), we are planning to demonstrate the distinction of our primary school with careful selection of books in the market.
  2. In medium term (coming 3-5 years), we are planning to extend our services to other locations i.e open new branches to facilitate more and more people and areas.
  3. In long term (coming 5-10 years), we are planning to take our school to secondary level and even to college level with books designed and published by Al-Ilm scholars as per need of our system

Our Uniqueness

Besides providing all the standard requirements of BISEP for a school, there are numerous things that make us stand out of the crowds of conventional schools.

  1. Crafting the Ummatic sense in students
  2. Compulsory Nazra, translation & understanding of the Holy Quran.
  3. Tarbiyah with Sunnah in daily routine.
  4. Islamic books recommended by the board of Ulma.
  5. Arabic language: Reading, writing, speaking
  6. English language development through phonics.
  7. Urdu speech development through phonics.
  8. Schedule for Physical Training & development.
  9. Vocational training for skill development.
  10. Purpose based study tours.
  11. Focused Art & Craft activities.

Our Motto


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