Our Salient Features

We are committed to inculcate positive, creative and innovative thinking in our students and preparing them as practical, motivated person of the community.

We provide all the subjects available for study as in a mainstream schools in our society, here we try producing an outstanding practical Muslim individual.

1. Teacher’s related:

  1. Special focused teachers trainings
  2. Up to the mark teaching learning process by providing tools, techniques, processes, technologies, resources and knowledge to the teachers
  3. Refresher courses for teachers

2. Interpersonal Skills:

  1. Motivational lectures by Experts for teachers and students
  2. Lab work to minimize student’s hesitation and improve interpersonal skills.
  3. Team work for improving Communication skills.

3. Students’ related:

  1. Activity based learning
  2. Group work and pair work for improving social contacts among the students
  3. The focused use of AV aids in the classroom
  4. ECED ( early childhood education and development) room for Activities
  5. Projects to improve group work and socialization
  6. Attitude/ Aptitude improvement through peer work and team work
  7. Preparing students for different Competitive Exams
  8. Students will be motivated to speak in Urdu, Arabic and English in their respective classes.

4. Co-Curricular related:

  1. Study tours and visits
  2. Library with resourceful books, magazines and story books for moral grooming
  3. Sports (both indoor and outdoor) and Physical training facilities for Physical development
  4. Surrounding schools children competition
  5. Co-curricular activities( bazm-e- Adab, Qirat, Naat )
  6. Worksheets for history, Geography subjects

5. System Related:

  1. Our system is free from corporal punishment
  2. Multimedia center for all the classes
  3. Knowledge sharing with surrounding schools by providing training to their staff
  4. Along with regular subjects we are planning to introduce wood work, metal work, electric work, agriculture, art and craft for our students
  5. Summer camps
  6. Career counseling
  7. Mainstream subjects with a well blending of Islamic knowledge and Tarbiyyah (practice)
  8. Holistic development by focusing on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  9. Result oriented and outcome based approach
  10. We support Team work strategies
  11. We maintain Standard students-teacher ratio
  12. Biometric attendance system
  13. Security cameras for better vigilance

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