The Al-Ilm Academia Junior School has a well-defined admission procedure. New students who seek admission in the Al-Ilm Academia Junior School can either download the student registration form from the website or avail it from the office of the school starting from the month of March every year. The registration form should be duly filled in with the personal and academic details and the grade for which the admission is sought. It should be attached with the required number of photographs and the copies of the Parent CNIC, Birth Certificate, Medical-Vaccination report, and Portfolio from the previous school. After the scrutiny of these records, the parent will be notified to submit the registration form along with the entrance examination fee in the accounts department. Thereafter the date for the entry level examination is fixed at a convenient date and the tests for the core subjects Urdu, Mathematics, General Knowledge, English and Science (for the higher grades) are conducted. The tests are evaluated and the results are informed to the parents within two days.

The policy is to give admission to those who get a 50% or above in all the core subjects. Since the curriculum content differs for individual schools, there are topics that are not covered in the previous schools, and hence the admission is granted to those students who exhibits ability to cope with our syllabus through additional help from our teachers and further, regular parental attention is guaranteed. Also, interviews are conducted with the students seeking admission and their parents to ensure that no physical or personal problems are there. Once the admission is confirmed, the parents will be informed to pay the fee for New Academic Year in order to book the seat of the student.

Age Limitations: Age limit will be observed as given in the table below.

Class Age limitation
Nursery 3+ years
Prep4+ years
Class 15+ years
Class26+ years
Class37+ years
Class48+ years
Class59+ years
Class610+ years
Class711+ years
Class812+ years
Class913+ years
Class1014+ years

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