National professional standard for teacher in Pakistan (NPSTP):

Key learning areas for ECE ClassesCompetencies
Personal & social development Competency 1: Children will develop & understanding of their like, dislikes strengths & emotions.
Competency 2: Children will be willing share & work in collaboration with their pair teachers, family & neighbor
Competency 3: Children will develop an appreciation for their diversity of people around them.
Competency 4: Children will be aware of their own religion & basic religious value & practices.
Competency 5: Children will demonstrate a sense of responsibility for self & other in class, school, home & neighborhoods.
Competency 6: Children will learn about & appreciate heritage & culture of their own family in pairs & neighbors.
Language & literacy Competency 1: Children will engage in conversation with others & talk confidently about matters of immediate & personal interest.
Competency 2: Children will describe objects events & their plan for the day.
Competency 3: Children will enjoy listening to enjoy listen ting to stories & poems & make up their own stories & rhymes.
Competency 4: Children will enjoy books & handle them carefully.
Competency 5: Children will understand how books are organized.
Competency 6: Children will recognize familiar words in simple text.
Competency 7: Children will use pictures symbols & familiar letters & words to communicate meaning showing awareness of some of the different purposes of writing.
Basic mathematical conceptsCompetency 1: Children will demonstrate an understanding of the different attributes of objects such as color, size, weight, texture, math sequence & classify objects based on ½ attributes. They will also engage in pattern making using different attributes of objects.
Competency 2. Children will develop a basic understanding of quantity, counting from 0 to 9 and of simple number operation.
Competency 3. Children will recognize basic geometrical shapes & the positions of objects in relation with each other.
Competency 4. Children will develop an understanding of measurement.
The world around usCompetency 1: Children will develop an understanding of how families are important.
Competency 2: Children will develop an understanding of the people and places around them.
Competency 3: Children will recognize plants & animals in their surrounding area & explore their basic features & habitat.
Competency 4: Children will observe the weather & develop an understanding of the seasons and their significance to people.
Competency 5: Children will develop a caring attitude towards the environment.
Health hygiene & safetyCompetency 1: Children will develop a sense of balance, agility and coordination.
Competency 2: Children will have increased hand eye coordination & the ability to handle tools and material effectively.
Competency 3: Children will develop an understanding to the importance of safe, hygienic practices.
Creative arts Competency 1: children will express themselves through the use of drawing & colors.
Competency 2: Children will work with a variety of low cost & waste material to create craft projects of their choice.
Competency 3: Children will experiment with a variety of material to depict their observations & imagination in the form of models, sculptures.
Competency 4: Children will learn the skills for college work for printing & use these in a variety of ways to create their own art pieces & patterns.
Competency 5: children will observe, practice & explore various techniques of folding, cutting, tearing & weaving paper to make objects & patterns.
Competency 6: Children will listen to, identify & appreciate a variety of sound pattern, rhythms & rhymes as a form of expressions.
Competency 7: Children will participate with increasing confidence in a variety of dramatic play activities to express themselves.

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